Setting the stage

Product and process innovation projects in the process industries sometimes have a time-span that lasts many years and are often also rather costly. For these reasons, it is vitally important for a company to take advantage of learning from previous innovation experiences and to continually improve its knowledge base. Companies cannot afford to start from a “clean slate” in the future if they want to develop products in a cost-efficient manner and a reasonable timeframe. In order to rectify such a state of affairs, product innovation work processes and projects must start from easily retrievable and previously accumulated company platforms of knowledge.

Our perspective

An Integrated Knowledge Platform (IKP) amalgamates “explicit” and “tacit” knowledge about customers, related process technology and raw materials for a select product or product family into a solid and reusable framework through the use of the mpQFD system, supporting the overall product innovation work process.

Adoption of the QFD tool and matrices in building such well-structured Integrated Knowledge Platforms related to individual products or “product families” is the “hidden gem” of QFD methodology use for successful product and process innovation in the process industries.

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Contemporary Quality Function Deployment for Product and Process Innovation: Towards Digital Transformation of Customer and Product Information in a New Knowledge-Based Approach (Lager, 2019)

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