Organizational matters ought to be at the top of the company agenda in order to get good company and innovation performance. The advantage of developing innovative and well-functioning corporate organizational solutions is that they create a strong competitive edge, since they are generally difficult to copy. An R&D organizational design that supports efficient and effective corporate innovation is thus not only a valuable immaterial corporate asset, but also essential to well-functioning organizational learning.

If we use the body as a metaphor and image of your organization, the skeleton which keeps the whole body together can be compared to your formal organizational structures (Lager, 2010). The body movements that are managed by the bundles of muscles could then be an image of your company work processes. But to keep the body moving we need the nervous system, which we could then compare to the Corporate Culture – the company behind the chart.

There is probably today still an overemphasis on the importance of the company’s formal structural organization, although its relationship to organizational performance is still poorly understood. This metaphor is to emphasize that all these three organizational elements must be considered in a holistic perspective when improved organizational solutions are sought.