A true theory is always a good image of a selected part of our reality, and is therefore the practitioner’s best friend.

Twentyfive years ago the blinab company was founded by Thomas Lager, as a “boutique” management consulting firm, focusing on management consulting services to the process industries. As one of the first consulting firms in Sweden targeting the area of management of innovation & technology, we have acquired many years of consulting experience, to large corporations operating in various sectors of Process Industries. Our clients are to be found in the Mineral & Metal Industries, Food & Beverage Industries, Pulp & Paper Industries and the Chemical & Petrochemical Industries.

Somebody has once stated that there is nothing more practically useful than a good working theory. Combining scientific knowledge and best practices and turning this into operationally useful consulting services to give performance in innovation for the process industries, has become the hallmark of our company. A profound knowledge and an understanding of the mechanisms that drive efficient innovation, thus makes Thomas Lager a leading scholar and one of the most experienced consultants to the process industries world-wide, in the area of Management of Innovation and Technology.