blinab is the preferred reseller of QFD Designer™ software for process- industrial applications

Single program purchase from blinab
The price for a single user license of the QFD Designer™ software from blinab is EUR 845 (excl. VAT), and the purchase includes one hour free online application support in program use.

After receiving your order we will send you an order confirmation and an invoice for your purchase.

When we have registrered your payment you will get an e-mail with an installation guide, including a serial number and a link to be used for the installation of the software (only on Microsoft Windows systems)

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Purchase of a Corporate Licence for QFD Designer™ Software
For the purchase of a corporate licence of the QFD Designer™ Software, please contact Gunilla Bergdahl, email:

QFD Designer™ software – General information
This program is often top-ranked in evaluations and is today generally considered to be the most user-friendly QFD software on the market. The IDEACore company (, located close to Detroit, MI, is dedicated to software development and one of their products, the QFD Designer™, is a software for Quality Function Deployment (for use only on Microsoft Windows systems).

The blinab company has had a long and trustful collaboration with IDEACore in the area of innovation, particularly with regards to their development of software for QFD. In the past we have marketed and sold the QFD Designer™ software and successfully used it in a number of industrial product and process innovation projects in different sectors of the process industries. From this year on, the blinab company has been appointed “worldwide preferred reseller” of the QFD Designer™ software.

Application support by blinab
The blinab company will provide application support for customers on issues related to how to use the software in process-industrial applications and in the development of non-assembled products. Customer comments and ideas for software improvements are always most welcome and should be addressed directly to blinab.

Software technical support by IDEACore
The company IDEACore is responsible for upgrades and software updates, and QFD Designer™ users can contact this company for technical support via email to